Tech I use

List of hardware and software I use regularly.


At home I use my custom built workstation with modest 16gb of DDR3 ram, 2 x 1 TB HDDs for files (RAID 1), 120GB SSD for the OS, i7 4770k, and GeForce GTX 660 Ti. It's enough to run latest Debian, few dozen browser tabs in firefox and my virtual machines (Windows, Debian, macOS) on VMware Player. Two monitors, of course, and mechanical keyboard. Instead of mouse I use Wacom's Intuos pen small, since I use photoshop and other visual tools often. It's also handy for signing digital documents.

intuos tablet

On the go I use two laptops. First laptop is 14" ThinkPad L430 with 8GB ram, 120GB SSD, i5 3360M CPU and 6-cell (up to 8 hours) battery. Laptop is dual boot windows and debian 10.


Second laptop is Acer Aspire One ZG5 with plentiful 512MB of DDR2 ram, with 80GB HDD, 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor. With its 8.9″ screen and 12-cell 115Wh this one goes on for days. Great for reading books or playing with lisp on the commute. Also debian, but might end with openBSD on it again.


I use my phone (samsung galaxy s5) only for occasional phone calls, rare messages, and 2FA. For taking pictures I use Lumix DMC-FZ38, however it would be nice to have better phone so I can utilize its camera.



At home I usually listen to music either on my Technics SC-EH500 stereo system or on Audio-Technica ATH-M20X headphones.


For commute and running I either use cheap chinese wired earbuds (I would like to replace these with CX 100 or CX 5.00), or SoundLiberty 53 In-Ear Earphones.


On the pc I use Audacious and VLC to play music, and on the phone I use amazing poweramp.

For recording and editing sound I use cheap microphone set TRACER Studio PRO with voicemeeter potato, audacity and FL studio for processing.

microphone picture