Hello, Recruiter!

If you've reached this page, chances are you're looking to contact me about a position, possibly coming from my LinkedIn profile or my resume. Good! Let me help you and save us both some time:

I'm not a one-trick pony. I have an extensive background in software engineering with focus on the intersection of security and large scale operations. I'm well versed in system administration and operations. Furthermore I have great interest in management and business activities (finance, marketing, research and development).

Positions I'm interested in would offer an opportunity to either merge some of listed disciplines, or oversee operations.

I'm not willing to relocate from Zagreb, but I'm very experienced in working remotely.

When contacting me, include the name of the company you're recruiting for. Without this information, I will not reply to your mail. Ideally, you'd have the hiring manager reach out directly.

I'm looking for:

I'm looking for organizations that are privacy conscious and striving to contribute to the improvement of all people's lives. I'm sympathetic to non-profits, the public sector, academia, and research.

I'm interested in Engineering industries and related research, in bionics, and organizations with significant international impact which support and contribute to global wellbeing, and which support, encourage, and practice independent research without "monetization" concerns.


Things I care about (in no particular order):

  • remote employment: I work from home. I have done so for over half a decade. However, I'm interested in traveling regularly.
  • compensation: possible bonuses or stock-options are nice, but should not be used to justify a below-average base salary; please include salary ranges in your job description
  • flexible vacation policy

I don't care whether or not you have:

  • free food or snacks in the office
  • ping-pong or beer or kombucha
  • hammocks, happy hours
  • weekly staff parties or vacation trips


I hate interviewing. Seriously, it's an entirely un-enjoyable experience, often involving needlessly adversarial interactions. I have to be really excited about a job opportunity to engage in this process, and I'd prefer to keep it as quick and painless as possible.

You can find out a lot about me on the internet: I have a blog and some of the code I've written is available on GitHub. With all that, I prefer interviews to be focused on strategic details and interpersonal aspects rather than skill assessment.

I do very much consider the interview process to offer me an opportunity to evaluate the company.

I don't mind:

  • informal conversations
  • strategy discussions
  • exchange of experiences

I do not like (and consider as big honking warnings signs):

  • brain teasers and puzzles
  • unprepared interviewers asking basics that can be found on the internet
  • an eternal interview process
  • live programming (whiteboard, shared doc, screenshared, ...) - you're not hiring me primarily to write software and you can find some code I've written on the internet

If the organization you represent or the job you have previously matched me for aligns with the above, then please feel free to contact me [kucar.tomislav at googlemail]. When doing so, tell me you've read this page.