Tomislav Kucar


I find great joy in intersection of software engineering, security and people. I'm particularly interested in operations and managing.

With over half a decade of experience I offer an extensive background in all things Unix, enthusiasm to learn new technologies, a thorough Computer Science background, as well as high quality standards.

I implement scalable and reliable tools, design architectures and APIs, create proof-of-concept prototypes, and intuitively and quickly analyze existing architectures both for what works and what doesn't; I analyze threat landscapes and develop threat models, determine and dissect applicable metrics to derive realistic, impactful solutions focused on reducing the attack surface and increasing performance. I enjoy teaching/mentoring, offer strong interpersonal and communications skills, a curious and open mind, and very strong work ethics.

Above all, I'm driven by developing solutions that have a long-term impact and solve real problems for all users.

Github: @frainfreeze
Twitter: @frainfreeze
Email: kucar.tomislav at googlemail
For Recruiters: please read this before contacting me.


  • - static page generator (Unlicense)
  • tss - simple shell tutorial (Unlicense)
  • tf.css - light css framework (MIT)
  • VCS-EMU - Atari 2600 emulator with built-in assembler and disassembler (Unlicense)


SunnyBoy Entertainment - Full Stack Web Developer
May 2016 - Nov 2017 · (1 yrs 7 months)

  • Discussed, analyzed and strategized product design with UX experts
  • Designed, developed and maintained complex immersive VR website through all stages of the agile development lifecycle.
  • Ensured stability and automatization through TDD and CI/CD.
  • Linux server setup, securing and website deployment.

Freelance - Full Stack Web Developer
Aug 2014 - May 2016 · (1 yrs 9 months)

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of websites build with various technologies
  • Linux/nginx/postgres/LAMP Server setup, securing and maitainace
  • Wordpress and Joomla hosting and plugin development
  • Languages used: PHP, Python, Javascript and modern CSS & HTML
  • Frameworks used: Laravel, Flask/Django, jQuery/three.js, Bootstrap/Foundation

BsWireless - independent wireless network project - Volunteer
May 2015 – Jan 2018 · (2 yrs 9 months)

  • Official website maintenance
  • Migration to Wordpress from Joomla (preserving database)
  • Installation of MikroTik Hardware
  • General assistance


Algebra University College - Computer Software Engineering · (2017 - 2020)
Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir - Economics · (2013 - 2017)
freeCodeCamp - Full stack web development · (2014 - 2015)


I'm always willing and able to quickly understand and learn other programming languages, software and soft skills, protocols etc. based on solid Computer Science background, years of work experience and general enthusiasm and personal interest in the area.

NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux (Debian, RHEL and various other distributions), MacOS X

KVM, LXC, Docker, AWS and EC2

Fluent in all common unix userland tools including shell-scripting (sh, ksh, bash, sed, awk, regular expressions etc.), cvs, ssh, etc.

Programming Languages I Use frequently:
Python, C++, shell, SQL

Languages I know but don't use:
C#, Java, Javascript, some lua

Languages I want to learn:
Lisps (Scheme, Common lisp and Clojure), Haskel, C

Protocols, Services and Standards:

Information Security:
SSH, SSL, TLS, Certificate Management, asymmetric and symmetric key cryptography, PGP, authN/authZ, Kerberos (krb5), HSM, TPM

Markup Languages:
Asciidoc, Markdown, rst, HTML, some XML, some *roff, some LaTeX

Spoken Languages:
English (fluent), Croatian (native), bits and pieces of Italian and German. Intending to learn Russian

Soft skills:
Time-managment, planing, decision making, communication, mentoring and leading, responsibility, professionalism, teamwork, positive attitude, integrity, flexibility.


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